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Brand: Yougu
Price: 30.00USD/
Min.Order: 50
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: Asia China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2017-09-28 16:46
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Company Detail

Yougu Professional in both regular models, and made-upon-request model



Model lenght(mm) width(mm) hight(mm) weight(kg
YG-01 800 800 150-300 1000-5000
YG-02 800 1000 150-300 1000-5000
YG-03 800 1200 150-300 1000-5000
YG-04 1000 1000 150-300 1000-5000
YG-05 1000 1200 150-300 1000-5000
YG-06 1100 1000 150-300 1000-5000
YG-07 1100 1200 150-300 1000-5000
YG-08 1200 1200 150-300 1000-5000


【Model】:metal pallet

【Color】silver white, light blue, dark blue, orange red, or upon customers' request

【Size】Upon customers' request

【Bearing force】:1000KG
【Material】:combination of several types of Q235 metal. Different materials for different sizes, bearing forces etc.

【Package】:Bubble pack, stretched film, cardboard




1. Steel galvanized steel pallet materials for steel cargo, after the special equipment for molding, a variety of materials to support each other, strengthen rivet connections, then through carbon dioxide protection welding and become, the surface of galvanized or electrostatic spraying plastics processing

2. The bearing capacity of the steel tray is one of the best in the tray, no maintenance, long service life and non-slip surface treatment for peripheral edge processing, chassis, light quality, strong rigidity

3. Steel tray on the shelf when using large friction coefficient, load condition is not easy to slide, the use of safe and reliable, good rigidity, big load, durable, long service life

4. Steel pallet environmental advantages compared with wooden pallets. Especially for export. Don't need fumigation, high-temperature sterilization or anticorrosive processing, in line with international environmental regulations. Compared with the plastic tray strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and price advantage




  Widely used in mechanical, chemical, medical, textile, food, logistics and other industries


1. Made with strong steel, which is special equipment for forming, all kinds of materials to support each other, rivet connection, then through body by co2 protection welding. Plastic spraying surface processing.

2. Carrying capacity in the tray is stronger. No need to maintenance, long service life. Non-slip surface treatment processing, surrounding edge processing, the overall weight is small but with strong rigidity.

3. When on the shelf using may cause larger friction coefficient, load condition is not easy to slide, safe and reliable, good rigidity, big load, durable and long service life

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